You Still Probably Don’t Need A Mask For COVID-19

Why most public health bodies still don’t recommend masks for the general public

Pictured: Probably not necessary. Also, the most amazing blue eyes Source: Pexels
And, of course, if you are going to wear a mask, how best to accessorize? Source: Pexels

Masks Work

Ah, pre-COVID-19 stock photos, you were so innocent. Source: Pexels
“Achoo!” ~ This stock photo model, presumable Source: Pexels

Healthcare Workers

Pictured: A good idea. Source: Pexels

Wearing A Mask When YOU Are Sick

Turns out stock photos of people wearing masks show exactly why people shouldn’t wear masks. DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE IT MAKES THE MASK WORTHLESS Source: Pexels

Masks Probably Don’t Prevent Infections In Community Settings

Not unlike catching an airplane has been for the last few months, in fact. Source: Pexels
Seriously. Once the mask is on, you only touch it to remove it, and NEVER on the front Source: Unsplash

You Probably Don’t Need A Mask

Pictured: Pajamas for these troubled times Source: Unsplash

Wash Your Hands, Don’t Touch Your Face, Practice Social Distancing

Pictured: Your insides, probably Source: Unsplash
That was all a bit depressing, so here’s a kitten to cheer you up. Source: Unsplash

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