When Every Story Is A Success Story

How only seeing survivors skews our perception of the truth

Turns out searching for ‘survivor’ on stock photo sites gives you lots of results for islands. Source: Pexels
If you don’t believe me, check out the #FlatEarth hashtag on twitter. The mind boggles
Pictured: Basically magic, apparently. Source: Pexels
Pictured: Survivors? Source: Pexels

Survivorship Bias

“The tribe has spoken” Source: Pexels
Hard to get to a pharmacy outside of hospital if you never left in the first place Source: Pexels

Selecting Survivors

I would’ve put a picture of a black salve wound here, but it’s seriously disturbing so here’s a kitten instead. If you’re super keen on seeing something gross, click here. Source: Sereja Ris

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