What Is The Infection-Fatality Rate Of COVID-19?

A systematic review and meta-analysis of published research data on COVID-19 infection-fatality rates

Pictured: It’s red so you know it’s bad Source: Pexels
Except to the last question — turns out the answers are “yes” and “no”, respectively Source: Pexels

“How likely am I to die if I get COVID-19?”

It’s like the TV show Numbers, except instead of actors playing at being mathematicians it’s literally everybody with an opinion

Getting The Numbers

Like this, but with more computer screens. Source: Pexels
A PRISMA flow diagram of the search methods

The Results

Forest plot of the meta-analysis — you can see the overall estimate of 0.75% (0.49–1.01%) down at the bottom
Forest plot of meta-analysis by country
Forest plot of the meta-analysis by month

What This All Means

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