Was COVID-19 Created in a Laboratory?

The lab leak theory is possible, but that doesn’t make it likely

I was going to Photoshop a pair of lab glasses on this picture of SARS-CoV-2, but then I remembered that my graphical skills are roughly on par with my juggling (it’s been a decade and I still can’t regularly keep 3 balls in the air) and decided not to. Source: CDC
Tomorrow morning I will either wake up a human or metamorphose in a horrific fashion into a part-human part-insect hybrid. In all honesty, I’m hoping for the latter — I’d be rebuffed by society but I could fight crime as the infamous Fly Man. Source: Pexels

The Science

Pictured: The premier location for Covid-19 research, medrxiv.org
The original paper. What glory, such wow. Source: Minerva

Logic and Evidence

It’s a bit like saying “my explanation for magic existing is so robust YOU SHOULD PROVE IT WRONG” except they got worldwide attention while my Lord of the Rings Is Real Life blog is…less popular. Source: Pexels
Pictured: Even weirder


Pictured: Not entirely useless. Source: WHO
Pictured: A visual metaphor. Source: Pexels

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