Vitamin D Supplements Aren’t Curing Asthma

Reports of the miraculous power of vitamin d are misleading at best

Pictured: Not a miracle
On the left is Aurora. She is fat and cuddly. On the right is Luna. She is less fat, also cuddly, and a pain in the arse at 2am
It is a cloudy, cold, spring day today. And the majority of Australia is covered in what I like to call “hellish purple”

The Bloody Awesome Study

I’m often quite complementary of other scientists’ work, partly because I try to be a nice guy and partly because I live in the world’s thinnest glass house. But when I say that this is probably my favorite study this year, you should understand that it is no exaggeration.

The exception to the rule, of course, being memes

Minor Effects

The first thing to note is that most news stories wildly exaggerated the benefit that this study found. Despite the study itself using the absolute risk to describe the improvement when taking vitamin d — a decrease of 3% when compared to the people who didn’t take vitamin d — most news outlets reported it…differently.

Pictured: …differently

The Risk

We generally consider vitamin supplements to be safe. They are things that our body requires to function, after all.



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