Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism

They don’t. Full stop.

‘Nuff said
The title says it all. Source
Metamorphosing into a tomato is rare, but luckily treatable
The Daily Fail. Sorry, I mean Mail. Slip of the tongue.

Aluminium Angst

Aluminium is a Big Scary Chemical in the world of anti-vaccination rhetoric. It’s been accused of causing everything from Alzheimer’s to autism, despite the fact that the levels of aluminium in vaccines are well below those found in baby formula and human breast milk.

Prepare to be disappointed
Pictured: the lead author from the study, as quoted in the Daily Mail

Media Morons

I’m not going to pick through this paper and tell you why it’s nonsense. There have already been many excellent breakdowns like this one by Skeptical Raptor. But even without the many, many issues that make this piece of research worthless for answering serious scientific questions, it’s completely inadequate at telling us anything about vaccines at all.

Pictured: science. Sometimes.

Get Vaccinated

Two decades on, and our story is still going. The damage caused by that original Lancet paper has spread, with vaccination rates slowing their upward climb in many places across the world. Children who could’ve lived their lives in peace are instead getting sick and — tragically — sometimes dying, because parents are terrified.



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