There’s a lot I could say. I’ve read the article you’ve linked before, of course, as well as any number of anti-vaccination pieces in the past. I’ve ‘done my research’, as they say, both in my various uni degrees and now professionally in my job.

But honestly, this is a worthless argument. No amount of evidence I present will convince you. The dosage of aluminium in vaccines, for example, across the 18 years of childhood, is less than you’d get from a teaspoon of cocoa powder. And, even if we take Exley’s factually incorrect claim about absorption of aluminium in food vs injection — that injecting gives you 100% of the aluminium whereas food is ~1% — eating a kilo of chocolate would still give you more aluminium than the entire vaccine schedule.

By the age of 5, most kids I know have eaten far more than 1kg of chocolate.

The claim about RCTs is an oft-repeated lie. I hate to tell you this, but it’s true. RCTs are one form of evidence, and it’s true to say that they are the most rigorous, but they aren’t the be-all and end-all of medicine. The next best thing is large, well conducted cohort and case-control studies. Ideally, you’d have thousands or even tens of thousands of participants, over very long periods of time.

Fortunately, we have even more than that.

There have been studies looking at the experiences of literally millions of children. I linked several in my article. If there were even the slightest association between vaccines and autism — even the most minute increase in risk — we would’ve found it. And whilst the biggest studies have focused on the MMR, the two systematic reviews I linked included studies on a massive variety of vaccines.

Vaccines are in no way different to any medical intervention. They have to be evaluated for safety and efficacy. And we have done that, time and again. The risk is incredibly well-defined — that 1 in a million number wasn’t pulled from thin air. Across millions of children, in every country where they’ve been studied, the rate comes back pretty much the same. 1 child in a million will have a severe adverse reaction to a routine childhood immunisation.

But we will save many thousands who don’t get sick.

That is, I’m sorry to say, a fact.

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