There Are No Miracle Cures

If it treats old age, cancer, heart disease and more, it’s probably nonsense

Pictured: Either a miracle or a stock photo of pills. You decide
Pictured: Also a miracle, probably

The Holy Grail

There’s a recent example that shows the problem very well, but realistically you could pick up a paper almost any week of the year and point out something similar.

This one’s a miracle. Promise
Almost certainly a miracle…in petri dishes
“Did you know that most news stories about science misunderstand the basics of medical research? It’s so cool!”

How To Science

The bottom line is that the big diseases like cancer and heart disease — and, of course, the terrifying old age* — aren’t simple. There are millions of changes in your body that are associated with each of these. It’s unlikely that there will ever be a single treatment that addresses every one.

Pictured: Definitely Not A Miracle

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