The idea that certain products strengthen the immune system is — broadly speaking — complete nonsense. Turmeric is a good example; there is ~some~ evidence that it has anti-inflammatory properties, but there’s absolutely 0 reason to believe that it will help “boost your immune system” as many supplement retailers would have you believe.

Vaccines are one of the most well-supported health interventions of the modern age. We have done studies encompassing literally millions of people that have demonstrated them to be both extremely effective at preventing disease and safe at the level of one serious adverse event in every million or so vaccines. The people who made films such as Vaxxed are, unfortunately, profiteers who have made their careers out of selling fear and uncertainty to parents with understandable concerns over their newborn babies.

Bottom line: there’s a huge mountain of evidence in favor of vaccines, and virtually none against them. The people who say otherwise are almost exclusively frauds and charlatans who make their money from convincing parents to fear mainstream medicine.

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