The biggest lie the NRA ever sold was the notion that gun control entails “ No firearms”.

It is patently untrue.

Australia completely eliminated mass shootings and reduced gun homicides, suicides and accidental deaths through gun legislation that did not involve taking all guns away. They were not replaced by other forms of death. The gun laws worked. The UK had similar success. You can still buy guns in both Aus and the UK. The sad fact is that if this man had been Australian or British, chances are no one would’ve died. Even Switzerland has 1/3 the gun deaths of the US, and they have plenty of guns. They just require strict licensing for guns and ammo, mandatory training (through compulsory conscription) and a very complex gun club system whereby the majority of the country attends regular gun practice.

And, of course, the idea that more guns reduces deaths is simple wrong. There’s evidence that owning guns makes you both more likely to kill yourself and more likely to die in a gun homicide. The NRA just promulgates obvious factual inaccuracies for the very clear reason that they profit from more guns being sold. There are any number of simple gun control measures — such as mandatory federally-enforced background checks for ammunition purchase — that have been demonstrated to be effective.

It’s not about taking people’s guns away and it never was. The NRA lies, sadly.

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