Thanks, it’s been a fun year :)

Honestly, my biggest tip is to write a bunch. Getting social media accounts (twitter, facebook), and updating them regularly helps, but nothing gets better until your writing does. In my first ~8 months of blogging I only got about 50 reads per piece, and looking back now I can easily see why: they weren’t very good!

Set yourself a writing goal, and meet it. I do a blog a week+something else. Do it for long enough, and your stuff will start to be good enough that people will want to read it, even if you have no followers.

Case in point: a friend of mine is a brilliant writer — he was a student journalist for years, and wrote for any number of comedy shows — but has only a (relatively)tiny following online. He wrote a satirical story making fun of Uber that was absolutely brilliant, put it on his private Facebook wall, and got hundreds of thousands of reads. It was shared everywhere.

Good luck!

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