Slapping Therapy Doesn’t Work

How magical nonsense is killing people

Pictured: The closest stock photos come to slapping therapy
“I’d like to prescribe 20ccs of please stop hitting yourself it’s killing you
From the Paida Lajin website. It is apparently “significantly effective for all diseases”. Right

Slapping ‘therapy’

Much like chiropractic, homeopathy and many other alternative practices, slapping therapy is a modern invention supposedly born of ancient ideas.

“Here we can see the slap receptors. No, they aren’t pregnancy photos, they’re slap receptors dammit!”

Nonsense claims

I’m not going to go into the ideas behind Paida too much here, except to say that if you think there is the slightest therapeutic benefit from hitting yourself until you are in agony, you might want to google “bruises”. It’s wildly implausible, based on very basic misunderstandings of how the human body works — bruises aren’t poisoned, and since they are subdermal they don’t leave your body anyway — and honestly not worth wasting your time on.

Pictured: A better way to get bruised
Pictured; kitten gazing upon the darker side

Where Is The Harm?

Master Xiao is currently on trial in Australia for the death of a 6-year-old child. It’s been reported that he convinced the parents of this diabetic youngster that he was a medical doctor, and that discontinuing the kid’s insulin in favour of slapping was a good choice.

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