Simple solutions are a lie. There are no simple solutions to complex problems.

That is, of course, why I didn’t present one. “Gun Control” is a simplified explanation of a multi-faceted public health intervention encompassing various individual measures such as standardized background checks, background checks for ammunition purchase, standardized national identifiers for guns, and the like.

For all the NRA rhetoric, no reasonable public health effort has ever talked about “banning guns” nor will they ever. Banning something is a simplistic and useless solution to a public health issue; it’s why no one has ever banned cigarettes, despite the enormous amount of evidence that they are killing billions.

And as to the idea that we shouldn’t implement gun control because alcohol is bad: this is complete nonsense. You can do more than one public health thing at the same time. Should we stop treating all non-cancer disease because cancer is the US’s biggest killer? No. It’s a worthless attempt to derail the conversation.

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