Sensationalist Science: The Podcast

Gideon M-K; Health Nerd
2 min readApr 9, 2019


Hello, wonderful readers. I bring to you delightful news that is sure to thrill your ears and bring wonderment to the senses.

I’ve started a podcast. I think it’s great.

After 3 years of writing a weekly blog, and struggling with just how much there is out there to talk about, and how difficult it is to get everything down in words on a page — metaphorically speaking — I decided that maybe I should try another medium. Never fear, I’ll still be bringing you the weekly scientific shenanigans that you know and love, but now there’s a new way to hear about what’s happening in the world of media misinterpretations of science.

I present to you: the Sensationalist Science podcast.

Yes, that’s a link to my Soundcloud. It feels weird to be finally saying this, but you should follow me there as well, it’s brilliant.

The first episode is on why snorting sugar is not going to cure lung disease, in what I can only describe as “obvious advice that no one should need”. I’m talking about lab-bench data, rodent studies, and how the headlines misinterpreted what was really some very preliminary science.

Pictured: Normal candy, not nose candy Source: Pexels

In future podcasts I’ll be covering the scientific misrepresentation of the week, so as I said follow on Soundcloud, look out for updates here on Medium and on Twitter, and get pumped this is going to be fantastic.

Cheers, Gid.