Same-Sex Couples Make Great Parents

Evidence shows that the gender of your parents makes no difference

Evidence demonstrates that kids do just as well no matter what gender their parents are

If homosexuality can affect your marriage, one of you is probably gay

By now, the anti-equality side will be spluttering in anger. “It’s not about my marriage” they’ll say, their voices raised high in righteous indignation “It’s about the children. If the gays can marry, what will happen to the children?”

Apparently “They’ll have happy lives with their families” isn’t a good enough answer for some people

Social Science

The major claim made by anti-equality campaigners is that the best outcomes for a child are when they are in a traditional family, usually classified as a mother and father who are married and together.

Mostly “They’re wrong”

No Difference

The message of most published research is clear: same-sex parents are just as good as “traditional” ones. If you take all of the studies that have been done on the subject, put all the data together in what’s known as a meta-analysis, you find that the gender of your parents makes no significant difference to your life.

Not all science is created equal. Why are you injecting a tomato?

Children of Same-Sex Parents

What do you think same-sex parents are? If you answered “same-sex couples who have a child together”, you’re pretty close.

This is, of course, stupid

Marriage Equality

So what does this all mean? Well, firstly, same-sex parents do just as well as anyone else when raising children. They are great parents.The most robust evidence around confirms that the only real issue with same-sex parenting is stigma. Stigma like telling people that they were raised by unfit parents or that their parents’ sexual orientation is evil and wrong.



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