Protein Powder Is (Probably) A Waste Of Time

Why protein supplements might not be worth it for the average person

Pictured: Pricey. Effective? Probably not
Pictured: My diet

Chowing Down

There’s a big disclaimer for this piece. You see, here I’m talking about the “average” person — your normal, slightly overweight person who takes up a gym membership. Maybe even your reasonably fit jogger who wants to get a bit better at lifting.

Pictured: Not what we’re talking about. Also, shiny

Getting Swole — Scientifically

The basic idea behind protein supplementation checks out fine — you need protein to build muscle, and more protein probably means more muscle. If you take that in powdered form instead of, say, eggs, even better!

Pictured: The Devil’s food
Sadly, “eat steak until you’re happy” is not the answer
Stock photos for protein got…kinda weird

Bottom Line

What does this mean for you, the average person trying to build a little muscle?

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