Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome And Mental Health

Why you shouldn’t worry about the latest scary study

Pictured: Terrifying?

Big Scary Study

I’ve talked about the Big Scary Study before. This is where the media turns a fairly routine finding in epidemiology from something boring that doesn’t impact your life into a terrifying message that you should fear.

It’s terrible, really. Happy is a much better Scrabble word

Correlation Is Not Causation

I’m going to introduce you to a term that should be in every single media piece about this study: observational research. This is a type of research where researchers, rather than testing an intervention, just watch people — or their data — and try to draw conclusions based on their observations. In this case, the researchers looked back at the medical records of women with PCOS, but didn’t actually intervene in their lives in any way.

Think of scientists like creepy stalkers, except for a good cause
Pictured: The cure for a surprising number of mental health issues
Pictured: Probably fine
Pictured: Science-speak for “don’t freak out”

What Does This Mean To You?

If you have PCOS, try not to worry any more than you already do. These results don’t mean a huge amount to your life.



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