Obesity Is Bad For Your Health

Stock photos for obesity are all really shame-y, so here’s a pretty flower

Obesity Paradox

The argument that obesity is actually not a health issue comes from a fascinating phenomenon that epidemiologists started noticing a couple of decades ago. If you look at health issues — in particular all-cause mortality (when people die for any reason) — and plot the risk on a graph, you find that very fat people do really badly. But people who are just a little bit fat — with a BMI of 25–30 — often actually do better than people with a supposedly ‘healthy’ BMI.

A classic J-Shaped curve. Increased weight is bad, but not at first. Source
Running is good for everyone. More’s the pity

What Do We Do?

This is where most theories diverge. We know that obesity is bad for you: it’s been proven again and again. But what to do about obesity, that’s a far harder problem to solve.

Weirdly, ‘yelling people thin’ isn’t effective

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