Healing With Homeopathic Medicine

Spreading knowledge for Homeopathy Awareness Week

Gideon M-K; Health Nerd
2 min readApr 9, 2018
Pictured: Very dilute

This week is Homeopathy Awareness Week, an important time for people everywhere to spread knowledge about homeopathy. From its founding in the late 1700’s to its controversy today, homeopathy is an alternative medicine that has caused quite a bit of a stir no matter where it goes.

So I thought for this week I’d do something a little bit different. Rather than my usual debunking, I’m going for positivity. I’ve combed through the literature and scientific studies, and put together a detailed list of every illness that homeopathy has been proven to treat. It’s possible I’ve missed one or two — nobody’s perfect — but I’ve put together a pretty comprehensive account of where homeopathy works.

Without further ado, here is a list of every homeopathic treatment that has been proven to work:











There you go. Every medical condition where there is enough evidence that we can say that homeopathy has any benefit at all. Every homeopathic treatment that we can say — scientifically — has any effect on the body whatsoever.

You may be surprised at this list. You may not. What we can say is that it is based on very solid scientific evidence.

Hundreds of studies.

Many thousands of people.

If you are trying to treat a condition and it’s not on this list, homeopathy probably isn’t right for you. Maybe go have a chat with your GP and find something with evidence backing it up.

This has been my small bit to further the awareness of homeopathy on this august occasion. I hope you help by sharing it around. Because everyone should be aware of these important facts.