Guns, horror and the same old story

This story was written shortly after the Pulse shooting, but in many ways is even more relevant today than it was back then. Enjoy.

Sometimes I’m glad that I live in Australia.

Not that the rest of the world is terrible and Australia is so fantastic, but there are some times when it’s good to live in this country. Sometimes, you hear news that smashes the fragile image you have of the world, and before the shards hit the floor it’s comforting to know that they are far away and can’t hurt you.

Sometimes, there’s nothing funny to say


Perhaps ironically, there is no magic bullet to the problem of guns. The argument tends to fly back and forth between culture and legislation; if you don’t change one the other will never work. But what the Australian experience shows is that you can change both at the same time. There is already excellent research demonstrating that simple, commonsense gun legislation could reduce the number of deaths in America by up to 90%. And when I say commonsense, I mean enforceable background checks for the purchase of guns and ammunition, and national identification for guns, which would make American guns less legislated than cars. The saddest part is that these simple measures, which are supported by a majority of Americans, would’ve denied access to a firearm not just to the Pulse shooter, but to almost every mass shooter.

Also, we have these cute bastards

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