Drinking Young Blood Will Not Prevent Aging

Pictured: Probably not the cure for aging
That was depressing, so here’s a kitten

Scientific Longevity

The research that everyone is talking about is actually a very reasonable and interesting piece of work. It is what’s known as an expert review — a group of scientists who know a lot about aging have gotten together and written a perspective on anti-aging therapies and what directions the field should be taking. They talk about things as diverse as testing anti-aging drugs in humans to the effects of modulating amino acids in the diet of mice.

Ironically, stock photo images for “complex” are really basic
Remember: the average life expectancy was 30 years for most of human existence. We are already immortal as far as a paleolithic person is concerned

Bloody Fools

From this single line about human umbilical blood, a host of media stories about drinking blood have spawned.

Pictured: Ineffective and possibly dangerous
Perhaps because “Don’t smoke or drink” sells far fewer papers than “Become a Vampire”

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