Complementary Medicine Kills

Cancer and complementary medicine do not mix

Pictured: useless for cancer
Pictured: Not Alternative

The Science

The study was actually a really interesting piece of work. The researchers took an enormous database of people — 2 million individuals, which is a lot — who had cancer over a 20-year period. They identified everyone who they could confirm had used alternative medicine, and compared them to a matched sample of people who had conventional cancer treatment.

Stock photo images for ‘cancer’ are all unsurprisingly similar
This is what’s known as a “survival curve”. You can see the complementary medicine group surviving less as time goes on
If you answered “clowns”, well, you’re probably not wrong

Tricky Treatment

The first thing to recognize here is that this study was observational. What this means is that it is difficult to figure out what is causing the results that the researchers observed. They controlled for confounding variables — things that might have been causing the result — but even then, it is impossible to control for everything.

Pictured: Deadly, if used INSTEAD of chemo

“Complementary” Medicine

Which brings us back to the problem: complementary medicine kills. People who use complementary medicine are more likely to refuse effective treatment, and there have been numerous studies demonstrating that this is actually encouraged by many complementary practitioners.



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