Chili Peppers Don’t Stop Heart Attacks

Why spicy food is delicious, but probably not life-saving

Gideon M-K; Health Nerd


Pictured: Less life-savey, more mouth-burny Source: Pexels

We all want to believe that food is medicine. It just sounds so appealing — imagine if you could cure scary diseases by changing your diet just a bit! Instead of dieting to avoid diabetes, what if you could eat a tad more chili, a handful of blueberries, and drink a kale smoothie once a week?

It’s almost certainly not true, of course, but it’s just plausible enough to sound reasonable.

Pictured: More effective than kale Source: Pexels

This week was no different. Headlines everywhere have been joyously crying out that chili peppers are not just an important ingredient in kimchi. No, according to news sources across the world, chilies can stop heart attacks and even save your life!

It sounds like a slam-dunk for the food-is-medicine idea. Unfortunately, the reality isn’t nearly as simple as that. We might want to believe that a good curry can save your life, but the science doesn’t really show that at all.

Chili peppers probably don’t stop heart attacks.

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