Australia Voted Yes For Marriage Equality

Happy days

Australia overwhelmingly voted yes for marriage equality. After 80% of the population returned their voluntary postal surveys, 61.6% of them voted yes.

The country hasn’t been more in agreement on anything since we decided that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders should be counted as people in 1967.

It’s not the first time we’ve been a bit behind on equal rights.

Now parliament has the easy task of passing a marriage equality bill. I say easy, because it is. The Australian people have spoken, the two decades of polling affirmed, we know as an absolute fact that Aussies want equality now. Any delay, any obstruction, will be an obvious sign of hypocrisy and cowardice.

It took only weeks to deny same-sex couples the right to marry in 2004. It should take us even less time to reverse that horrible decision.

Australia voted Yes.

We took the most horrible, divisive, set-up-to-fail path imaginable. The millions of LGBTQ+ Australians who have suffered horrible, disgusting persecution throughout this process can now finally see some hope at the end of the tunnel. It was never about children, it was never about schools, it was never about free speech, anti-bullying programs, socialism or any other of the fear campaigns.

It was about love. It was about basic human rights.

It was about equality.

So let’s see some equal weddings before the year is out.



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