Artificial Sweeteners Aren’t Destroying Children’s Health

Why you can probably relax about artificial low-calorie sweeteners and pregnancy despite the media hype

Gideon M-K; Health Nerd


Pictured: Probably not murdering your kids Source: Pexels

We have a love-hate relationship with artificial sweeteners. On the one hand, we love them because they allow us to indulge in delicious liquid candy without the sugary guilt. On the other, we hate them because they are scary chemicals that inevitably inspire enough fear and disgust to warrant a news splash at least once a month on how terrible they truly are.

Pictured: Eeeeeevil, apparently Source: Pexels

And the last few weeks are no different. News sources around the globe have been calling out warnings about a new study that appears to have shown that low-calorie sweeteners are not just a great way to get sweetness into your life, but basically poison for expecting mothers and their children.

It’s a story we love to hear, because it speaks to the very real fear of pollutants that we all instinctively connect with. It’s a fear that has people around the world worried about things they can’t pronounce, and it’s the main selling-point of organic food. We are all worried about things we don’t understand…