American exceptionalism is so weird. “We’re different to everywhere else, nowhere else has OUR problems!”. And yet, whenever similar legislation is enacted in the US — be it smoking, seatbelt, hell even tax law, somehow the result is the same.

Most of that is simply untrue. There are any number of other countries with similar personal protections written into their founding documents, and some which go significantly further than America. The idea that America is somehow different is just a total myth.

And asking for me to write out entire laws is, again, boringly disingenuous. You don’t want laws. You want me to waste words so that when I inevitably write down something that is even slightly imperfect — I am, of course, neither a lawyer nor an American lawmaker — you can shout down that you are right, these laws are impossible!

Simple laws such as nationwide registration for guns, national licensing for ammo and firearm owners, and tighter restrictions on semi-autos would likely prevent thousands of deaths a year in the US. They would likely barely impact on most gun owners.

The idea that somehow what has worked in every other place in the developed world, in countries as diverse as Switzerland, Australia, Spain and Japan, wouldn’t have a similar effect in the US is nothing but a laughable joke.

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