Actually that’s largely incorrect. The study I was discussing in my article covered a period from 1998–2012, which is a pretty long-term time period. We have similar length studies for all artificial sweeteners, because they’ve been out for a long time.

Similarly with cell phones, we have 30 years of data evidencing that there is no cancer risk whatsoever from using them. These things have been studied, they’ve been studied long-term, and we have extremely strong evidence that they are safe.

The whole point is that being afraid of diet drinks because of the chemicals is exactly as logical as being terrified of water because it’s a chemical too. To quote Tim Michin: “Everything is chemicals. Everything is chemicals!” The chemicals in diet drinks are actually some of the most researched and safest ones that you will ever encounter, as opposed to the chemicals in, say, herbal remedies, which tend to be more poorly understood and pose greater health risks.

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