Abortion Bans Don’t Work

The best way to prevent abortions is contraception

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Pictured: Facts, according to stock photo websites Source: Pexels

Banning Healthcare

What does the research say about abortion bans? The first thing to remember is that abortion numbers have been falling for some years in most countries across the globe — yes, even in the US. When we look at the impacts of abortion bans, we first have to discount the effect of the global trend towards family planning that has reduced the number of abortions happening already.

Turns out that there are countries outside of the US. Shocker, I know Source: Pexels

Global Gag Rule

In 1984, and then in every new Republican presidency since then, the US government implemented what is often called the Global Gag Rule. What this does is ban US federal funding to any non-governmental organizations that perform, advise on, or endorse abortion in any way. Given that some developing nations rely on organizations like this for family planning services, what this effectively does is set up a natural experiment in how abortion bans affect abortion rates — some places shutter all abortion services while the policy is in effect while others don’t change their services much at all.

Pictured: Methods of unsafe abortion attempted in Global Gag Rule effected countries Source: WHO

Preventing Abortions

All of this brings us to the obvious question: how do you prevent abortions?

Pictured: The most effective way to stop abortions Source: Unsplash

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