Why smoking weed probably won’t cure or prevent Covid infection

Pictured: Definitely fun, but probably not a cure for COVID-19. Source:

There’s a long litany of things that we know are probably a bit bad for us but that we wish were actually medicine. …

Why you should not drink your own pee (yes, really) for Covid-19 or anything else

Pictured: Less useful as a medical tool than you might’ve heard. Source:

If there’s one truth you can rely on regardless of the situation — from the current unending pandemic nightmare to the balmy days before — it’s that someone, somewhere, will try literally anything if they think it might help their health. …

Many things may have had an impact on the state, but the reduction in Covid-19 cases was clearly not down to ivermectin

Pictured: Stock photo pills. Probably not ivermectin, but you never know. Source:

It’s important to note that I’ve never been to Uttar Pradesh right at the start of this article. I’ve spoken to many doctors who work in the state, and have heard some truly devastating things, but all I can speak to personally is the data, so that’s what this piece…

Recommendations on how to detox from an epidemiologist

Pictured: A lot of green, not a whole lot of flavour. Source:

It’s the holiday season, and we’re all making merry. If you’re anything like me, the weeks around the end of the year are filled with more food, booze, and cheer (read — eggnog) than any other time of the preceding 12 months. …

This isn’t even a question

Two years ago, there were only a handful of stock photos of people coughing. Now, there are HUNDREDS. Source:

After two years of an exhausting global pandemic, people are naturally a bit fed up. As time has progressed, we’ve all generally gone from willing engagement and reasonable debate to shouting matches where the real question is who can get their point across with more vigor.

Nowhere is this more…

Why basic critical thinking is quite important when it comes to repurposed medications

Pictured: Japan, according to the stock photo search results. Source:

In the seemingly endless online discussion about ivermectin, a repurposed anti-parasitic medication that is proposed as a treatment for Covid-19, people have started passionately arguing about Japan. At first, this may seem like something of a non-sequitur, because Japan, like many other nations,

A wonderful tale of conflicting headlines

Most of the stock photo results for “fasting” are pizza, which is kind of weird. Source:

If you’ve been reading the diet news recently, you’ll have seen a huge amount of hubbub over intermittent fasting (IF), the dietary regimen where, shockingly, you eat less food.

Why vitamin D probably won’t reduce your risk of death to 0%

Pictured: Stock photo results for “vitamins”. Some herbs, some pills, what’s not to love! Source:

Vitamin D is pretty contentious. If you’ve ever written about the glorious sun vitamin before, you’ll know that people are strangely passionate about it to an extent that you’ll rarely see in any arena other than sports. …

The only remaining randomized trial that found a benefit for ivermectin on Covid-19 mortality has serious issues

Pictured: Probably not ivermectin, but a great photo nonetheless. Source:

This is part 5 in what appears to be a deep well of research issues underpinning the entire evidence-base for ivermectin and Covid-19. . . . .

This part talks about a study that has also been investigated…

Gideon M-K; Health Nerd

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