Yet more worrisome issues in the ivermectin literature calls into question why people started promoting the drug at all for Covid-19

Pictured: Pills. Probably not ivermectin, but a much nicer picture than the stock photos of the actual drug I could find. Source: Unsplash

Another tale of potential fraud in the ivermectin literature

Pictured: More stock photo results for ‘ivermectin’ that probably aren’t ivermectin. Source: Pexels

New trial results find no statistically significant effect

Pictured: Not ivermectin — beautiful photo though. Source: Pexels

Why the evidence suggests that government interventions are not worse than the pandemic itself

Pictured: A road. It’s symbolic, probably. Source: Pexels

Base rates, denominators, and some really basic epidemiological maths

Pictured: Life-saving. Get your Covid-19 vaccine now! Source: SELF Magazine

A tale of what could be, if true, the most consequential medical fraud ever committed

Pictured: Not ivermectin, but it could be if stock photo websites had more pictures of specific drugs. Source: Pexels

This is not a contentious fact

Pictured: Lifesaving. Literally. Source: SELF Magazine

Coffee doesn’t have many (if any) health benefits, but the research is pretty clear that it’s probably not bad for your health either

Pictured: Sweet Ambrosia. Source: Janko Ferlic, Pexels

Why we still don’t really know if ivermectin has any benefit at all for Covid-19

There were no free stock photos of ivermectin itself, so here are some random pills and you get to use your imagination. Source: Pexels

Why the headlines are misleading when it comes to vegetables and coronavirus

Pictured: Yum, but not a cure for infectious disease. Source: Pexels

Gideon M-K; Health Nerd

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