6 Health Writers To Read This International Women’s Day

Pictured: Not about me

This International Women’s Day, March 8th, the theme is to press for progress. One of the many ways that we can do that is to amplify the voices of women*. There are, of course, a myriad of things you can do to make this happen — at work, at home, in parks and schools and more — but since I write a blog and I can only retweet so many brilliant people, I thought I’d take the chance to amplify the voices of some brilliant women I’ve read on Medium.

There are 364 other days for me to write, after all.

Without further ado, here are some truly brilliant women writing about health on Medium:

Rachel Mabe has some seriously excellent writing on addiction, women’s health, pregnancy, and more. Go and have a read.

Emily Cashour has a range of musings on life, some great stuff on grief, emotional health, and is just a superb writer who you’ll want to follow and read over and over again.

Katelyn Burns writes about trans health, and just does it well. There isn’t much more I need to add. Read her stuff.

Layla Haidrani has published one story on Medium so far with the publication The Establishment, but it’s brilliant and I’m excited to read more (she’s also a brilliant writer elsewhere of course, but here I’m mostly just looking at Medium).

Elizabeth Brico writes about trauma, life, domestic violence, and will make think longer and harder than virtually anyone else you’ve read on this site before. Chilling, poignant and just worthwhile to read.

Last but not least, arguably my favourite writer on Medium is Caroline O. Her profile says it all:

#Feminist. Behavioral Scientist. Advocate. Wonk. Liberal in my politics & my use of snark.

A must-read if you care about a) women’s health or b) seriously good writing.

I’m not going to take up any more words. Go and read some of these women, find some more, learn, celebrate, get a different perspective than you may have seen before.

This International Women’s Day, make a difference. Even if that difference is just improving the representation of women in your own life.

If you do want to do more, you can join me in donating to Share The Dignity, a charity that provides tampons, pads, and myriad other forms of assistance to homeless women and those experiencing domestic violence.

*For the inevitable dudebros who will cry “what about men???” in the comments: International Men’s Day is November 19th, if you didn’t know that you clearly don’t care in the slightest about men after all. Go sit in the corner and have a think about how idiotic you’ve been.

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