5 Misleading Headlines Sponsored By The Food Industry

Why you should be wary of Big Blueberry, Big Pasta, and Big Nut

Gideon M-K; Health Nerd


Pictured: Probably not life-saving Source: Pexels

We love stories about food and health. There’s nothing like hearing that your favorite bowl of cereal, or your cheeky midnight cheese, might be healthier than you thought. It’s the quintessential modern desire — that we can control our lives not just with medicines and doctors, but with the foods we eat and the way we cook them.

It’s inspired the entire field of (shudder) nutraceuticals.

Remember: “Let food be thy medicine” works great for weight loss, less great for pneumonia Source: Pexels

And along the way, our desire to be healed by the things we eat has inspired some truly wonderful headlines. We can’t go a week without being told that some new research has come out proving that the latest food fad is going to cure your Athlete’s Foot.

The thing is, while the media is happy to play to our desires, there’s also something a little shady about a lot of food headlines. Many of them aren’t quite as organic as you might think.

Here are 5 times the food industry has funded research that has ended up misleading you in the news.

5. Milk And Cheese And Chronic Disease

The first example on our list is a beautiful one, because it is so very silly. A study came out that argued that one of the best tools for fighting a range of chronic diseases — from heart disease to sarcopenia — was dairy. Specifically, milk and cheese.

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, the story gets a bit cheesy after that.

I swear, that was the last cheese pun, even though I’m really Gouda them Source: Pexels

See, not only was this not a scientific study — it was a narrative review, which is more like an opinion piece than anything else — but the funding body threw everything into doubt. Yes, the opinion piece proclaiming dairy to be the source of all good health was funded by Big Cheese, or more specifically the Interprofessional Dairy Organization.

4. Pasta And Heart…